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Personalized Marketing

Free Mountain helps our clients achieve better returns on their marketing investments by exploiting the hidden value in their data to market in a more relevant and measurable way. We help them unlock the strategic potential of their data and use it to build profitable, long-term customer relationships.

Predictive analytics and personalization.

Amazon, Facebook, Google, and Netflix have used scalable cloud computing, big data, AI, and digital marketing channels to create a new “normal”. Today’s consumer now expects and wants marketing personalized uniquely for them in real time, especially the Millennial and Gen Z generations.

Free Mountin Consulting has the capabilities and expertise to enable small and medium size businesses to compete effectively in this new marketing reality—at prices they can afford. Our turnkey approach means that clients don’t need to staff up their marketing and IT departments to design and implement personalized marketing programs across the entire consumer lifecycle.

Customized reporting and data visualization.

Each client has their own unique data tracking and reporting needs. Free Mountain works with each client to define the data and reports they need, the report formats and data visualizations they want, and the frequency they require.

The ability to easily and quickly track key program performance metrics empowers our clients to adjust to changing circumstances faster than their competitors. Our turnkey approach to reporting means that our clients spend their time making marketing decisions rather than collecting, organizing, and presenting data.

Powerful insights and recommendations.

With our strong belief in the power of continuous improvement, we believe every program can always be further optimized through careful tracking, systematic testing, and thoughtful analyses.

Free Mountain works with clients to design and implement the tracking, testing, and analyses needed to steadily increase the productivity of their personalized marketing programs. As with all aspects in managing a brand, continuous improvement is the only sustainable competitive advantage.

Our Process

  • Strategic Consulting >

    We use a collaborative approach with our clients to evaluate the current situation, understand the opportunities, and develop a roadmap to capitalize on them.

    Specifically, our Strategic Consulting process provides:

    1. Market analysis
    2. Competitive analysis
    3. Audience analysis
    4. Assessment of existing strategies and tactics
    5. Vision document
    6. Solution roadmap
  • We believe narrowly focusing on a given campaign, channel, or metric is not the way to build sustainable customer relationships. Free Mountain’s bespoke martech solutions give our clients the capabilities they need in today’s marketplace, i.e., the ability to execute real-time, omni-channel, personalized contact strategies integrated across the entire customer lifecycle.

  • We use a collaborative approach with our clients in developing a personalized marketing program for each stage of the customer lifecycle. At each stage, it is critical to ensure that the programs are delivering the right message and offers thru the right channels to the right customers at the right time with the right frequency in the right sequence and at the right intervals.

    While there is no formula for designing a personalized marketing program, our process always considers four program design questions:

    1. What do we want the customer to do?
    2. How do we persuade a customer to do it?
    3. How will we know when they have done it?
    4. What happens next?

    We use the answers to those four questions at every step in the program design process:

    1. Program success metrics
      1. Execution metrics
      2. Performance metrics
    2. Audience understanding
      1. Preferences
      2. Modeling
      3. Size
      4. Segmentation
    3. Program differentiation
      1. Timeliness
      2. Messages/Offers
        1. Personalization
        2. Progressions
        3. Sequence Frequency/Intervals
        4. Communication channels
          1. Website
          2. Search
          3. Mobile
          4. Social
          5. Influencer
          6. Email
          7. Direct Mail
  • In implementing every personalized marketing program, emphasize adherence to program design, and attention to detail as well as open and timely communication. The goals of the Free Mountain team are to deliver programs on time, on spec, and on budget.

    To the extent agreed upon in the program Statement-Of-Work, Free Mountain will manage programs on a “turnkey” basis. We augment a Free Mountain’s marketing team with professionals experienced in designing and implementing a 1:1 relationship marketing program at each stage of the customer lifecycle.

  • Personalized marketing programs require coordination among many different suppliers. For turnkey assignments, Free Mountain’s program support team will coordinate workflow between suppliers, including:

    1. Lead generation suppliers
    2. Call center and fulfillment suppliers
    3. Print production and letter-shop suppliers
    4. Email and SMS/MMS deployment suppliers
    5. Data entry suppliers
    6. Field marketing agencies
  • At Free Mountain, we strongly agree with Mark Twain that “continuous improvement is better than delayed perfection”. If we wait until a program is perfect, we will never do anything. It is always better to get started and improve along the way. We follow the PlanDoLearnApply model: (1) plan your work, (2) work your plan, (3) learn how to do better, (4) apply what you’ve learned to your next plan.

    To accelerate continuous improvement, we always recommend testing key aspects of a program in a systematic, prioritized manner. Optimizing programs in this methodical manner enables clients to sustain a competitive marketing advantage by always staying one step ahead of competitors.

  • Real-time visibility to program execution and key performance metrics is essential to managing a personalized marketing program. We work closely with each client to track and report the operational and performance data that they need.

    We make the data available in reports customized to each client’s specifications and updated in real-time as the data become available. Each client can access their reports 24/7 via their own reporting portal. So that clients can quickly derive actionable insights, each client’s portal also has a customized reporting dashboard that provides key performance indicators and relevant business data. Free Mountain dashboards use Microsoft Power BI’s data visualization tools.

    In terms of program assessments, Free Mountain also provides Quarterly Program Performance analyses that address two key questions:

    1. What did we get for our money?
    2. How can we get more from our investment?

    In addition, Free Mountain will provide analyses of special topics upon request.