Free Mountain's Technology Priorities: ACCESSIBILITY

Free Mountain's Technology Priorities: SCALABILITY

Free Mountain's Technology Priorities: QUALITY


Since personalized marketing is data-driven, the quality and accessibility of data is critical. However, harnessing data for personalized marketing can be a daunting challenge. Free Mountain’s team of marketing and technology professionals provide turnkey solutions tuned to the specific needs of our clients that fully leverage their data. Generally, we provide solutions on a SaaS basis, but we also build custom solutions when requested.


Personalized marketing requires actionable, complete, accurate, and recent data. Careful consideration needs to be given to the answers to four questions:

  1. What data do we need?
  2. Where will the data come from and in what format?
  3. When will we receive the data?
  4. How will we use the data?

Collecting and maintaining the data requires and disciplined, comprehensive, and systematic approach. Data can come in many forms: it can be declared, observed, or inferred; it can be deduced from customer actions and non-actions; it can be direct or derived.

A critical element in designing any personalized marketing program is creating enough opportunities for data collection. The Free Mountain program support team helps clients think through their data needs and how to collect it.


Data Management

Outbound Marketing


Timely access to data requires effective and efficient data management. Free Mountain’s proprietary database platform perfected in numerous business-to-consumer and business-to-business solutions provides a robust data central repository that can be quickly and cost-effectively configured for each client’s unique data. Our cloud-based data platform provides each of our clients with scalability, security, and uptime to meet their individual needs.

Since personalized marketing often requires combining data from multiple sources, data integration is a core competency. Free Mountain’s inbound data processing procedures employ a best in class toolset for standardization, merge/purge, normalization, and process tracking.

Free Mountain’s data management platform integrates with our proprietary as well as third-party CRM and marketing automation solutions, e.g., Salesforce, Adobe Marketing Cloud, Microsoft Dynamics, etc. Our program support team uses both proprietary and third-party reporting/data visualization tools to monitor and assess program performance.

Since personalized marketing entails multi-channel execution and integration, Free Mountain designs and builds point solutions as required by a client’s programs, e.g., mobile apps, websites, etc. As necessary, we will design and build interfaces that leverage existing client solutions. Our priority is to provide clients with the best solution that meets their needs at an affordable price.


Free Mountain partners with Rackspace for cloud computing services. This partnership enables us to scale data management solutions to meet each client’s individual needs and we can quickly scale up or down as a client’s needs change. We can also provide dedicated hosting and infrastructure services as needed.

In addition to scalability, partnering with Rackspace assures our clients of 99.99% uptime, 24x7x365 monitoring and support, data backup, cybersecurity, and continuous IT modernization.

Importantly, our clients only pay for the cloud computing they use.